All Star Points

HHIJGA All Star Points

State Heritage Points will be awarded for ages 13-18 who play 18 holes events.

Players who place in the top three each week (lowest scores) in each age bracket, will be rewarded with a prize.  The junior golf committee developed a point system that encourages and excites the juniors in playing at their best ability week after week.  Player of the Year Points will be awarded according to the table below.  Every week the committee keeps track of the points players receive for playing and placing in the tournament.  At the end of the season, the top ten players from each age bracket with the most points will compete with each other at the championship tournament. 


2021 All Star Points - Click HERE


Point System

First Place 25 Points   Eleventh Place 3 Points
Second Place 20 Points   Twelfth Place 3 Points
Third Place 16 Points             Thirteenth Place 3 Points
Fourth Place 13 Points   Fourteenth Place 3 Points
Fifth Place 10 Points   Fifteenth Place 3 Points
Sixth Place 5 Points   Sixteenth Place 3 Points
Seventh Place 5 Points   Seventeenth Place 3 Points
Eight Place 5 Points   Eighteenth Place 3 Points
Ninth Place 5 Points   Nineteenth Place 3 Points
Tenth Place 5 Points   Twentieth Place 3 Points


Juniors playing in a PGAJR League will not receive participation points towards All-Star Points.


(Points are double for the Stroke Play Championship)


Weekly ties for points are added and divided.
For example if two players tie for second, they will each receive 19 1/2 points (20+19)/2.

Weekly ties for first place prizes are broken using the USGA recommended procedure for a scorecard playoff. 

* In case of a tie for overall champion in a division there will be a scorecard playoff using the scorecards from the most recent event that both players participated in together.  The USGA recommended procedure for scorecard playoff will be used to determine the outright winner for that division.  

*For juniors who play in any outside sanctioned tournaments throughout the summer session, will receive an additional two points with proper approved information stating that the junior played in the event (Entry Application, Signed Scorecard, Newspaper Articles, Result Sheets, etc...). 

The top point leaders in each age/gender group will be invited to compete in the annual South Carolina Junior Golf Association All-Star Tournament.




Final 2020 All Star Points