Today is December 11, 2018

Parent/Spectator Guideline


1. All Juniors Must Carry Their Own Clubs.
2. Spectators should keep a proper distance from the players. (50 yards Recommended)
3. Spectators may not act as a forecaddie; however, they may assist in helping to locate lost ball.
4. Spectators must stay on cart path or in the rough with the exception of around the greens. (Spectators may go near the green to watch the players putt.) Parents and spectators are not permitted to tend pins or rake bunkers.
5. Spectators are not allowed to give advice to any player. (Rule 8, 2009 Rules of Golf)

Abusive language, swearing, alcoholic beverages, or discourteous attitude will not be permitted on the course. Use of tobacco products during any HHIJGA event is prohibited and all spectators are required to wear appropriate attire.

7. Spectators should not disrupt the pace or flow of play.
8. If you notice a rules infraction, be sure to tell a rules official, the player, or Tournament Official before the player signs his / her scorecard.
9. All beverages on the course are reserved solely for HHIJGA participants.
10. Spectators are not permitted to use golf carts.
11. All spectators should observe the Notice to Competitors.